NVC Distinctions

Exercise 1: Observation or Evaluation?

Which statements include observations, free of evaluation? Translate statements with  evaluations into possible observations.

  1. “Raj pounded on the table and said he was tired of the tone police.”
  1. “Jane didn’t ask me to come to the affinity group meeting.”
  1. “My boss is a good manager.”
  1. “Lila works long hours.”
  1. “Bob was furious with me yesterday and he left for no reason.”
  1. “Mika has a lot of power.”
  1. “Shaun was the first one to leave every day this week.”
  1. “The two teams rarely speak to each other.”
  1. “Tony told me my filing system was amazing.”
  1. “Wasim complained about me and implied that I was insensitive to people from the global south.”

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