What are people saying about authentic communication groups?

“A part of me was tentative about joining the group. A little scared even. Another voice was dismissive, saying that I probably wouldn’t get much out of it. So I was blown away by the depth and realness from the first conversation.”

“The quality of friendships in ACG  I’ve never experienced before, even with people I’ve been close friends with for decades. We have created an intentional family and the group is an incredible resource.

“I wish everyone could have an authentic communication group, a place to be real, where all parts are welcome. I’m amazed at how wonderful it is for my words and feelings to be caught, held, and nurtured.”

“My wife and kids were ignoring me. My relationships at work weren’t much better. Now I know why. I wasn’t listening to them. I am learning how to have heartfelt conversations.”

I’ve been working with a therapist for many years now, but the group space really allows me to see and slowly heal some of my patterns and wounding from a long time ago, in a way that a one-on-one therapy relationship has not. The group allows me to experiment and learn and get feedback.

“My Authentic Communication Group has been a great platform to observe myself and really become a witness to my own thoughts, behaviors and patterns in relation to others. The gentleness with which the group is held both by the facilitator and the participants has helped me explore myself in a safe, and yet authentic manner.”

“My group helps shine the light of consciousness in the here and now, so that we release our old stories. I appreciate the healing process of empathy and presence work.”

“We uncover each of our many unconscious beliefs and mourn the stuck energy of our ancestral imprints.” 

“I enjoy the weaving of here and now and parts work in the overall framework of Nonviolent Communication, creating a rich tapestry of practice for self-discovery.” 

“I have developed some wonderful friendships. I enthusiastically look forward to our group calls every two weeks.”

“I am grateful for this group and how it touches me. I am in awe of the learning, healing, and self-expression. I so appreciate the skillful and compassionate interventions.

I appreciate the commitment to authenticity and compassion as we apply NVC and parts work.

“Parts of our session are still reverberating in my system. I bow to your courage, vulnerability and strength, and so appreciate your kindness, care and compassion. I feel blessed to be part of this group. I relish the safe container we have created together.”

“Thank you for bringing light to some of the hidden patterns and underlying feelings and needs that were showing up in the group. I feel energized by the way you support us to explore those layers.”