What are people saying about ACG coaching?

“When we came to couples coaching, we were fighting every day. It feels great to be back in synch with the person I love most in the world.”

“On the outside, people saw me as a very successful, funny, loving guy. But on the inside I was scared and had no confidence. It was illuminating to get to know my people pleaser part, and my wounded child that it was protecting. I didn’t know how much I was suffering from internalized oppression. The coaching is very powerful.

“We have four kids, and we both have big personalities. The way we talked to each other was hurting our whole family. After just two sessions, our friends noticed a difference in our relationship, They could see the love between us and we are excited to be co-creating an amazing relationship.”  

“Our last session brought up some challenging stuff. It was intense, but since then, our energy is more open and loving as a couple. We are more closely aligned with how we’d like to be seen. I’m deeply grateful for the coaching.”

“I was in a lot of pain. My coach is incredibly gifted and can hold space for all my parts. Now my whole system is much more relaxed.”

I was happy with the way I was creating wealth for my family. My coach helped my to look at ways to leverage my privilege. Life is so much more exciting when I’m working on social change at the systemic level.

I live in a community full of activists, but I didn’t feel very effective. Coaching helped me see what was holding me back, and how to prioritize for impact.

“Some truths are too hard to hear. But sometimes the price of silence is greater than the pain of speaking my truth. Coaching has helped me find my voice which is so important in these challenging times.”

“I’m very difficult to coach, but you made it easy. You have a truly unique talent and I can’t thank you enough.”

“We did our year end review, and our work with our coach was our top ‘win’ for the year.”