Authentic communication skills are vital to our well-being. How do you know if you’re being authentic? Is your body language congruent with your words? Does your intention match your impact?

By integrating Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems, you can grieve, heal, love, and lead. As you fully embody NVC and IFS, courageous conversations support a more authentic, compassionate, and just world.

What is an Authentic Communication Group?

The purpose of our sessions is to open our hearts. The group is a powerful way to work directly on interpersonal issues as they arise in the moment. In a learning laboratory, group members develop authentic communication skills by interacting freely with one another in the here and now.

In this experiential learning lab, you work in a small group of 8 participants with a seasoned facilitator. You support each other to become aware of the difference between your intention and your impact. Beyond empathizing with someone’s positive intention, the work of the group is to support people to come into alignment so that their intention and impact become the same.

“This is my online family where I totally come alive. It’s surprisingly deep. Unlike other zoom meetings, I am fully engaged, leaning into my relationships with people I truly value.”


We rely on four pillars as we deepen our authentic communication skills.

  1. Nonviolent Communication: Speaking from the heart, we share our observations, feelings, needs and requests.
  2. Internal Family Systems: One of the most powerful ways to connect, grow, and heal is to learn to speak for our parts as they arise in the moment.
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: As we build awareness of the impact of group dynamics, microaggressions and biases, we empathize at the personal, interpersonal and systemic level.
  4. Here and Now: Expressing what comes up supports self-awareness, connection and healing.

Authentic Communication Groups are not therapy groups. You are responsible for your own learning and your own well-being. If you’ve already done a lot of work on yourself, and you are ready to go to the next level – the interpersonal level – join us to co-create transformational relationships.

“The group has been a transformational experience for me. I was nurtured, nourished and supported along my journey by an amazing group of individuals and an incredible facilitator.”


  • Most groups meet twice a month for 2 hours, and some groups meet weekly
  • Each meeting is recorded, so you can listen later
  • You can meet privately with your facilitator for 30 minutes once a quarter to discuss your learning or any challenges you’re facing
“I joined the group because I never knew what to say… until later. In getting to know my fears, I’ve learned to take risks. I am much more connected to myself, and to others.”


In the group you might practice:

  • Naming what you notice about power dynamics
  • Experimenting with new behaviors to create connection
  • Raising difficult issues with care
  • Exploring how gender, race, class, and ability impact the group
  • Empathizing with yourself or others
  • Giving and receiving honest, consensual feedback
  • Communicating mindfully, even when you are emotionally triggered
It was rough at times, and it was messy. I cried. I was angry. I got defensive… Through it all, I learned to stand up for myself, to stand up for my own needs. I learned to cherish and treasure not only my needs, but also the needs of others in an authentic and integrated way. That has radically transformed and changed the nature of my relationships.

Experimenting with new behaviors requires taking risks. When you say something about the impact of someone’s behavior on you, you give the group a gift. You learn not only how to develop authentic communication skills, but also discover how to raise live issues and resolve them for the benefit of the whole group.

When you reveal yourself, including your shadow, you can release shame and heal your wounded parts. As everyone in your group becomes more and more authentic, you may find that you care deeply about each member of the group.

“This sacred gathering space is with people around the world. I appreciate the healing process of true Self responsibility.”

One of the more powerful outcomes is that members build a high-trust, open-hearted, supportive group.

As the group develops ease with being present in the moment, you enter a state of flow and aliveness. In this space you can build better relationships by:

  • Getting in touch with your parts
  • Expressing your vulnerability
  • Finding the courage to bring up and work through difficult issues
  • Communicating your anger or hurt with care
  • Receiving support and care from others
“I have tapped into a new energy. I’ve begun vibrating at entirely different frequencies as I began manifesting things in my life and attracting people and experiences and results that I never could have imagined.”

Group Composition

Our intention is to create diverse groups. Because NVC and IFS have primarily attracted white folks, and because people of color sometimes experience tokenism in these settings, we intentionally create groups that include people of many ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, disabilities, and social class. 

Bring a colleague: To support diversity, we request that you bring a person from an ethnicity different from yours. If you have the means, consider offering to pay for someone with less access to resources.

“In the safety and openness of our group I come alive with energy, clarity, creativity and courage to explore, experiment, and express. The process of self-discovery and integration is accelerated.”

Find a group that works for you!