What is Empathy

What is empathy?  

  1. A way to connect with 
    1. how it is for the person
    2. what they are trying to convey
    3. a deeper essence of what is going on in them


  1. To connect with others
  2. To understand others
  3. To increase my capacity to be compassionate (pleasurable and empowering) 
  4. To contribute to another’s well-being
    1. their need for connection with another person
    2. their need for understanding
    3. their need for clarity
    4. their need for compassion/self-compassion


  1. By focusing our attention on feelings and needs

When to speak it aloud?

  1. To deepen the quality of our connection: 
    1. when I want to check if my understanding matches their experience
    2. when I sense the person wants confirmation they’re understood
  2. When I sense it would support the person’s clarity or deeper self-connection (use this with discretion and caution)

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