Intuition is a broad cognitive term that refers to information, ideas, knowledge and understanding that come to us outside the rational and logical channels of thinking. It may come to us as an image, spontaneous thought, feeling or a strong sense. Intuition is a response to all that is present, right now. When we share our intuition in the moment, new possibilities can emerge. If we rely solely on our thinking, we miss out on vast sources of knowledge.

When we over-analyze or second-guess the messages that come through our body-emotional intelligence, we miss out. Worst case scenario, our hunch is not fruitful and we learn from that. Best case, we gain from the experience of synchronicity with our client and deepen our relationship with this wider field of communication that comes from beyond the conscious mind.

The appreciation of intuition in modern society is growing and has room to grow still, for it contributes to nearly all of our decisions every day. Coaching relationships give both of us the opportunity to grow intuition, test it and learn how to trust it.

Seven steps to intuitive development

In her book, Practical Intuition, Laura Day offers the following stages on the path to developing one’s intuition: Opening Noticing Pretending Trusting Reporting Interpreting Integrating

As we cultivate openness to our intuition, we can expand the ways we use our coaching skills. When following our intuition, coaching is more in tune with what is happening in the moment. We share our sense, or intuitive hits with the people we coach and assess how they receive it.


I’m getting a sense of a little girl in a corner of a dark room. Does that resonate with you?

I have a hunch that you’ll go into this meeting with all your boldness, as though you’re Queen Latifah… What comes up for you? I can hear the complexity of all you’re facing. What does your intuition say about it? My instincts tell me you’re in the calm before the storm. Is there anything worth exploring

here? I’m getting an image of a bear eating honey and ignoring the bee stings. Does that have any meaning for you?

Whether our intuition resonates with our client or not, stating our intuitive messages may open up new avenues of exploration and awareness.

Excerpt from Coaching for Transformation by Lasley, Kellogg, Michaels and Brown. 

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