Sliding Scale Guidelines

We offer a sliding scale so that we have greater diversity in our groups. For groups that meet twice a month, the range is $150 – $100 per month. For groups that meet weekly, the range is $325 – $225 per month.

Consider paying on the LOWER end if you:

  • identify as BIPOC or live in the global south
  • have disabilities or high medical expenses
  • have burdensome debt
  • are eligible for public assistance
  • have been incarcerated and have limited work opportunities

Consider paying on the HIGHER end if you:

  • identify as white, college-educated, cis-gendered, or have other advantages
  • can comfortably meet your basic needs
  • have assets such as a home, investments or retirement funds
  • can travel for recreation

Social class is complicated! We encourage people who were raised middle class, managerial class, or owning class to pay as high as possible to support marginalized and working class folks to participate in the program. Thanks for analyzing your circumstances and paying as much as you are able.