Authentic Facilitator Program

– inspiring through your being

Want to facilitate brave conversations? In this experiential facilitator training program, you learn to support folks to deepen their awareness, open their hearts and build community. 

Together, we’ll create a space where we discover how to align our intention with our impact on others. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a more authentic, compassionate and just world.

The upcoming Authentic Facilitator Program will begin on the 1st Wednesday of January 2023. The sessions are held weekly from 11 am to 1:30 pm ET during summertime (daylight savings time) and 10 am to 12:30 pm ET during wintertime.

6-month program

“What amazes me about group work is that we get to experiment with what a new world would look like if we are vulnerable in real-time, and people witness our passion and our pain. That gives me hope!”

The learning objectives have two levels:

Self development

  1. Experience the here and now
  2. Experiment with different ways of being and doing
  3. Develop capacity to observe self and others
  4. Deepen awareness of your relationship with power, privilege and rank
  5. Explore your unconscious biases towards differences in gender, race, class, sexual orientation
  6. Become increasingly attuned to your own feelings and needs in the moment 
  7. Expand your awareness of your inner landscape by increasing Self energy
  8. Witness different parts of you including those that have gone into exile

“This work opened my eyes to how others see me. I had no idea that my power, privilege and sense of entitlement was impacting others so intensely.”

Skill development

In this advanced facilitator course, you will:

  1. Develop the capacity to gently bring participants from there and then to here and now
  2. Build the muscle to analyze group interactions, alliances, power dynamics, and cryptic moves
  3. Develop a presence that facilitates heart connection  
  4. Call people in to a deeper exploration around power, rank, and privilege
  5. Sensitize groups to microaggressions and unconscious bias

“I feel energized by the way people show up in the group. I wish everyone could be part of an ACG group. It’s like an intentional family, not at all like my family of origin.”

Why learn to facilitate authentic conversations?

Recognizing the key role that quality facilitation plays in enabling authentic cross-cultural dialogue, this program explores the 4 pillars of ACG: 

  1. Here and Now Process Work
  2. Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  3. Nonviolent Communication
  4. Internal Family Systems

The primary purpose is to build self-awareness, enhance interpersonal effectiveness, understand group dynamics, expand capacity to embrace diversity and create spaces of shared power. While here and now is the primary vehicle through which we do this work, we also integrate the tools of Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems, as we deepen our understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“I love being part of my group. My activist friends notice that I am very different, not so abrasive or judgmental. Now when I speak, people listen.

In this program you get:

  • Hands-on experience facilitating authentic dialogue
  • Personalized feedback on your facilitation
  • Extensive training relevant to both in-person and online group facilitation
  • An opportunity be part of an extraordinary international team of facilitators

Authentic. Transparent. Vulnerable.

In this experiential program, you’ll discover how to support folks to show up fully. As you learn to flow with what is alive in the moment, you build resilience in your inner world and in the groups that you facilitate. 


Part of our group time together is unstructured, followed by context, feedback and reflection. We learn by doing. We set an intention to create a climate of equity and inclusion and support personal growth. All of us will experiment with empathizing and intervening at the personal, interpersonal and group level. 

You will also get three private mentoring sessions to explore your opportunities for growth.

Your Facilitator

Anisha Pandya is a psychotherapist, leadership coach and transformation facilitator from Mumbai, India. She specializes in many conceptual approaches such as Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, and Process Work.

Her focus is on helping people lead more fulfilling and authentic lives. She particularly enjoys facilitating experiential labs and long-term groups for tangible transformation. She has designed and facilitated multiple workshops on diversity and inclusion, intimacy, leadership development, conflict, and difficult conversations. Full of surprises, Anisha offers fresh perspectives on gender, power and group dynamics. 


Your investment of $3200 includes 6 months of weekly sessions exploring facilitation options, and 3 private mentoring sessions. A few partial scholarships are available. The program is limited to 10 participants.